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Join thousands of developers from around the globe who have mastered Laravel using the popular book Easy Laravel 5. The new edition has just been updated for Laravel 5.5! Readers learn by following along with the development of HackerPair, a real-world project which demonstrates many of Laravel's most sought-after features!

Book Highlights

Practical Examples

Every example found in Easy Laravel 5 is based on real-world implementations. You'll be able to adapt the code to your own projects, and can download all of the companion project code.

Best Practices

Extensive coverage is devoted to best practices, including automated testing, schema management using migrations, data validation using form requests, and CSS/JS asset management.

Experienced Author

W. Jason Gilmore has been developing PHP-driven web applications for almost two decades, and is the author of numerous popular books on web application development.

The HackerPair Companion Project is Packed with Features

  • Multiple application layouts, view partials, numerous Blade syntax examples, and Bootstrap 4 integration
  • User authentication, profile management, and OAuth integration
  • A complete, real-world database schema and example seed data
  • Numerous automated test examples, including Dusk-based tests
  • Examples of Laravel's most commonly used model relations
  • An operational contact form using Laravel's Mailable feature
  • Google Maps integration, including real-time geocoding
  • Numerous Vue.js features, including an event favoriting component, mapping, and an event ticking widget
  • Examples of policy- and middleware-based permissions
  • Form generation using the popular Laravel Collective package, and form validation using Laravel validators and form requests

Easy Laravel 5 is a great introduction to version 5 of the Laravel framework. I’m pretty experienced with Laravel and was still able to learn a lot. I recommend this book for both beginners and advanced users alike. — Aaron Foss, Founder of Nomorobo

February 16, 2018 update: The 3rd edition has been officially released!


  • Free book updates
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The 3rd edition book (300 pages) in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats.
  • Almost 3.5 hours of companion video
  • 75 minute Skype consultation

Book + Videos

  • Free book updates
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The 3rd edition book (300 pages) in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats.
  • Almost 3.5 hours of companion video
  • 75 minute Skype consultation

Note regarding videos: Some of the videos are outdated and will be updated in the coming weeks. Other videos are still very relevant and useful, covering topics such as eloquent queries and model relationships.

PayPal customers: Following your purchase you'll receive an e-mail containing your download instructions. This typically happens within a few minutes, but may take a bit longer if Jason is not by his laptop (i.e. sleeping).

Reader Testimonials


Is the book available in print format?

No. Thanks to the electronic format, Easy Laravel 5 has been updated literally hundreds of times since it was first published, providing readers with the very latest Laravel changes. This is just not practical in print format. Each purchase includes PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.

Why are two books included with each purchase?

The previous edition of this book includes more than 300 pages of material, much of which is still very relevant today. The new edition (currently unfinished and in beta format) has been updated for Laravel 5.5. Customers will receive update notifications each time a new chapter is available for the beta version. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure readers have as much information as possible, and therefore have included both books.

How frequently is the beta book updated?

The author is currently working on the book almost full-time, and will be releasing updates approximately every 7-10 days.

Does the author know what he's talking about?

Jason has been building PHP-driven web applications for customers around the globe for almost 20 years. He has built several enterprise Laravel-driven applications, including an intranet application for a major agricultural concern, an e-commerce application for a telecommunications company, and an API for a very high-traffic iOS application.

Can I adapt the HackerPair code for my own needs?

HackerPair is the book's companion project. All of the code is available for free on GitHub (regardless of whether you purchase the book), and is MIT licensed. Please do not use the HackerPair name for any purpose.

Is the 100% money back guarantee legitimate?

If you are not happy, Jason is not happy and therefore does not want your money. If you purchased the book and decided it's not for you, e-mail him at and he will arrange to immediately refund you in full.

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