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W. Jason Gilmore (http://www.wjgilmore.com) is a Dublin, Ohio-based software developer and consultant currently employed as the CTO of DreamFactory, Inc., an open source API automation and management platform (check out our blog at https://blog.dreamfactory.com). He has spent much of the past 15 years helping companies of all sizes build amazing solutions. Recent projects include an e-commerce analytics application for a globally recognized publisher, a Linux-powered autonomous environmental monitoring buoy, a 10,000+ product online store, and a SaaS for the interior design and architectural industries.

Jason is a bestselling author of nine books, including Easy Laravel 5 and Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition. His books on web development have been translated into almost a dozen languages and are enjoyed by readers around the globe.

More recently, Jason co-authored the popular Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe: Selling Products and Subscriptions, with Laravel News founder Eric L. Barnes.

Over the years Jason has published more than 300 articles within popular publications such as Developer.com, JSMag, and Linux Magazine, and instructed hundreds of students in the United States and Europe.

Jason is cofounder of the wildly popular CodeMash Conference, the largest multi-day developer event in the Midwest. Away from the keyboard, you’ll often find Jason hunched over a chess board or having fun with electronics.

Contact Jason

Have a question about the book, videos, Skype consulting sessions, Laravel, PHP, or just want to talk? E-mail me anytime at wj AT wjgilmore.com.