Output the raw SQL query in Laravel

  • January 19, 2018

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Laravel's Eloquent and Query Builder features offer powerful solutions for interacting with your project database. Sometimes though you can be left second-guessing yourself when constructing queries using Laravel's syntax. Fortunately it's easy to view the resulting SQL query. Consider the following Eloquent statement:

$events = Event::where('city', 'Miami')->get();

This would translate to the following SQL:

SELECT * FROM events WHERE city = 'Miami';

You can log the resulting query to your project's log file using the toSql method:

\Log::debug(Event::where('city', 'Miami')->toSql());

This will output the SQL as it looks prior to binding the parameters, but even so it gets the job done:

SELECT * FROM `events` WHERE `city` = ? 

If you're using Query Builder, the same toSql method can be used to output the query:

\Log::debug(DB::table('events')->where('city', 'Miami')->toSql());

You can avoid the need to manually do any of this by instead installing the fantastic Laravel Debugbar. It will present a list of all queries executed in conjunction with loading a page; all you have to do is click on its Queries tab to view the queries. Check out the project README via the above link for more details.