Code Reviews

Have you hired an outside agency or developer and would like reassurance regarding the code quality? Or perhaps you would like an expert opinion regarding your application’s ability to withstand the traffic onslaught following the big launch? A thorough code review can go a very long way towards addressing these concerns.

Joel Clermont and Jason Gilmore are consultants and contractors with almost three decades of combined experience working with enterprise PHP applications. During our time working with clientele around the globe, we’ve seen and solved it all, applying best practices and using industry tooling to analyze, implement, and refactor application code within a wide variety of businesses. And we are ready to apply this hard won knowledge to your project!

About the Review

Upon obtaining access to your repository, we’ll carry out a thorough code review, assembling a detailed report covering the following topics:

  • Architectural best practices
  • Database considerations such as performance and query structure
  • Test quality and coverage
  • Analysis of third party packages and services
  • Performance considerations
  • Code structure and formatting

Following delivery of this report, we’ll meet with you for one hour to discuss our findings and discuss recommendations.

So What Does this Cost?

Code reviews start at $2,500. If you don’t require a complete code review, we’re flexible! Contact us to discuss your project now by e-mailing

About Us

Joel Clermont is a software developer with deep experience in multiple languages. In addition to working with PHP for almost 20 years, he organizes both the Milwaukee PHP and Milwaukee Laravel user groups and regularly speaks at developer conferences.

He has worked with startups, large enterprises and small dev teams, helping them to effectively leverage Laravel in a secure and performant way. Joel also brings a business-focused approach to his development work. While Joel loves deep technical work, he also appreciates the real-world needs of a business, and strives to align the two. He prides himself on his attention to often-overlooked aspects of a technical project, such as documentation, testing, and automation.

W. Jason Gilmore is a Dublin, Ohio-based software developer, consultant, and bestselling author. He's spent almost two decades helping companies of all sizes build amazing software projects. Recent projects include a Laravel-powered REST API for an iOS application which reached the #1 bestselling spot in its category, a machine language-driven solution for categorizing text snippets, an e-commerce analytics application for a globally recognized publisher, a business management application for a large industrial concern, and a SaaS for the architecture and interior design industry.

Jason is the author of nine books on web development, including the bestselling Easy Laravel 5, which has become an indispensable guide for thousands of Laravel developers around the globe since it was first published in 2015, and Beginning PHP and MySQL, which is about to celebrate its 14th year in print. He is cofounder of the popular CodeMash Conference, an annual event which draws more than 2,000 software developers to an indoor waterpark in northern Ohio.