IMPORTANT: These videos were originally created for the Laravel 5.2 release, and therefore some are currently outdated. You still can learn quite a bit from them though. I’ll be updating all of the videos once the beta book is complete.

The Easy Laravel 5 Video Workshop includes almost 3.5 hours of practical, hands-on video instruction. You’ll learn by following along with experienced instructor and bestselling author Jason Gilmore as he creates a real-world project using Laravel 5. Workshop highlights include:

  • Creating your first Laravel project
  • An overview of the Laravel project directories and files
  • An introduction to Laravel 5’s configuration management feature
  • Creating a RESTful Laravel controller
  • Creating views
  • An introduction to the Blade templating engine
  • Creating and managing an application layout
  • An introduction to Elixir, including a demonstration of Less CSS and CoffeeScript compilation
  • Creating and processing forms using Form Requests
  • Sending e-mail from a Laravel application
  • Configuring and integrating a database
  • An introduction to Laravel’s Eloquent ORM
  • Creating models
  • Creating and managing migrations
  • Creating, updating, retrieving, and destroying database records
  • Configuring relations, including BelongsTo, HasMany, Many-to-Many, and HasMany through

Workshop Contents

The workshop is broken down into several different segments. Below you’ll find a chronological summary of each video segment.

Introducing the Video Workshop (1:54)

Introducing the Workshop
About Your Fearless Instructor

Introducing Laravel (3:44)

So, What is Laravel?

Creating a New Laravel 5 Project (14:17)

Creating Your First Laravel 5 Project
Setting the Application Namespace
Starting PHP’s Built-in Web Server
Understanding How the Welcome Page/Route is Served
Introducing the routes.php File
Introducing the Welcome Controller
Where Do the Views Reside?
Introducing the Welcome View

Understanding the Project Structure and Configuration (25:04)

Introducing the Project Directories and Files
Introducing the `.env.example` File
Managing Your Laravel 5 Configuration Settings

Introducing Controllers, Views, and the Blade Templating Engine (22:10)

Introducing the RESTful Controller
Creating Your First Laravel RESTful Controller
Passing Data Into the View
Passing Multiple Variables Into a View
Implementing the show Action

Layout and Asset Integration (21:25)

Creating an Application Layout
Managing Multiple Layout Sections
Integrating Bootstrap and Less with Elixir
Compiling CoffeeScript with Elixir

Creating and Processing Forms (28:19)

Creating a Contact Form Controller and Form
Introducing the HTML Package’s Form Builder
Creating a Custom Contact Form Route
Introducing Form Requests

Configuring Mail (13:08)

Introducing the config/mail.php File
Sending E-mail Through the Contact Controller

Database Integration (50:51)

Introducing the config/database.php File
Creating Models and Migrations
Managing Your Migrations
Adding Records with the Tinker Shell
Implementing a RESTful Index Action
Implementing a RESTful Show Action
Implementing the RESTful Create/Store Actions
Implementing the RESTful Edit/Update Actions
Implementing a RESTful Destroy Action

Model Relations (24:40)

Introducing the BelongsTo Relation
Introducing the HasMany Relation
Introducing the Many-to-Many Relation
Introducing the HasMany Through Relation